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Alison Eastham

Chiropractic Assistant

Alison-EasthamFor the last four years, I have dedicated my life to teaching others about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, based on good nutrition and vigorous exercise. I have worked in Canada and New Zealand in the health and fitness industry as a coach and personal trainer, and am now pursuing a degree at Massey University in Sport and Exercise.

I lived in Montreal, Canada for seven years where I worked as a chef and personal trainer. I was blessed to work in an environment where I could utilise both skills- training and creating healthy portioned meals for our clients.

I believe the key to wellness is to build a solid foundation by developing good eating habits, learning correct form and using proper technique when training.

It’s a great privilege to work with such an energetic and knowledgeable team at Total Health Chiropractic. I look forward to helping you with your journey to better health.

Alison Eastham | Total Health Chiropractic