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Amy Richter

Chiropractic Assistant

Amy RichterHaving recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition, I have developed a strong passion for promoting positive health choices and seeing individuals reach their full potential. I love to see the progress an individual can make through only a few small steps.

I believe being healthy is a daily choice. I am a keen advocate of throwing out fad diets and focusing on a daily balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. In the same way, I believe Chiropractic care is an on-going health choice that really improves overall wellbeing.

My passion for nutrition has led me to Total Health Chiropractic where I am privileged to be able to utilize my skills and learn so much more. I’m excited to be working as a CA to help your positive health choices be the easiest ones you make.

Amy Richter | Total Health Chiropractic