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Dr Kirsten Elmslie


Dr. KirstenI was first checked by a chiropractor when I was one month old, I have been fortunate to grown up with the benefits of chiropractic care. I have seen firsthand the benefits of chiropractic for clients and the impact chiropractic care has had on their lives whilst in my family’s chiropractic practice. Seeing the amazing changes in the lives of people in chiropractic care was inspiring, because of this I decided in my teens that I wanted to be a chiropractor and share with others the benefits of chiropractic care, helping people to live their best life possible.

Chiropractic Education

My knowledge of chiropractic started quiet young, listening to my Mother, Grandfather and others discussing chiropractic. I completed my formal training at the New Zealand college of Chiropractic in Auckland, 5 years of intensive study in chiropractic techniques and physiology. This solidified my desire to share chiropractic with others.

My experience

As a child I was lucky enough to participate in a variety of sports including, snow skiing, rowing, netball, football and waterskiing. I believe that keeping my nervous system functioning at its best with chiropractic care, kept me physically fit and helped my body’s ability to perform and adapt to the physical stresses involved in these sports. When the brain is communicating through the nervous system to the muscles and organs clearly, the body can operate at its optimum to heal itself and perform.

Having seen the benefit that chiropractic had for so many people, including me, I decide that chiropractic was what I wanted to dedicate my life to so, that I could help people to improve their health and overall function and inspire them to learn what they are truly capable of.

Outstanding service

At Total Health Chiropractic, our emphasis is on wellness and optimum function. I would like to help you achieve your potential and share with you options to proactively improve your health and wellbeing.

My goal is to give you excellent chiropractic care, so that by working together you have total function and optimal health.

You can contact me by calling our office or email me directly using the link below.

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Dr Kirsten Elmslie , Wellington | Total Health Chiropractic