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Emma Collins

Chiropractic Assistant

Emma CollinsHi, I’m Emma, Chiropractic Assistant here at Total Health Chiropractic. I started my career as a Dental Nurse and after 12 years of working in Dentistry I decided to make a huge change in my life and retrain as a Reflexologist and Holistic Therapist.

After 2 years of retraining there was another huge change in my life when my partner was offered a job and we made to decision to move here to Wellington from the UK.

I love the theory of chiropractic and can totally embrace the idea of treating the body as a whole to re-balance and to instill self-healing. This is the same concept I have been learning through Reflexology, and I have seen it work many times.

I’m hoping that Wellington will become my 2nd home, we are having so much fun exploring it, and I am looking forward to meeting all my new neighbours and helping you on your health journey.

If you need change in your health, contact us and experience your new dance to freedom.

Emma Collins | Total Health Chiropractic