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Hollie Kay

Practice & Marketing Manager

Hollie KayHi, I’m Hollie. Practice and Marketing Manager here at Total Health Chiropractic. In this role I get to combine my love of service and my passion for training and business development.

If someone had of told me ten or even five years ago that I’d be living in Wellington, sharing my time between projects that inspire me and self care, in pursuit of living my best life – I’d have laughed.

I’ve been working in the Chiropractic profession for more than 13 years. I started as a Junior CA with one Chiropractor in a home office at the age of 17 and all these years later, i’m inspired to be pursuing a career in supporting a big team to bring their best and be their best.

I am so blessed to have chosen a profession that helps people get well, be well and express vitality. I love that Chiropractic care is so effective and improves quality of life, naturally.

Hollie Kay | Total Health Chiropractic