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Corn Free Guide

Why eliminate corn?

Corn has negative effects on the body’s physiology which is why you may be advised to go off corn. Many people who are advised to go off grains for example as glutinous grains such as wheat, or other grains such as rice, may also be advised to go off corn. Corn is very high in sugar and starch, along with the increase of GMO corn, this makes it hard for our bodies to process and digest. Naturally, corn contains nutrients such as calcuim, magnesium and manganese; however, GMO corn has reduced levels of nutrients and increased levels of toxins. GMO corn also contains high levels of glyphosate affects gut health by promoting the growth of bad bacterial and killing the good bacteria.

Foods to avoid when eating Corn Free:

Corn is hidden in many things and has a variety of different names.

Some of these names include:

High fructose corn syrup Maize
Dextrose Maltodextrin
Malt Polenta
Corn  Maltitol

Foods to avoid when avoiding corn are:

Breads particularly gluten free breads including ingredients derived from corn Corn chips
Corn alcohol Corn extract
Corn gluten Corn flour
Corn flakes Corn oil – corn oil margarine
Corn fritters Corn puffs cereal
Corn meal Corn sweetener
Corn starch Corn syrup
Corn sugar  (dextrose, Dyno, Cerelose, Puretose, Sweetose, glucose are all possibilities) Corn
Corn syrup solids Corn meal
Popcorn Corn flour
Cornstarch Grits
Corn tortillas Hominy
High fructose corn syrup Hydrolyzed corn protein
Hydrolyzed corn Modified corn starch
Maize Tamales (coating)
Polenta Vegetable oil
Taco shells Zein
Zea mays


Corn Free Guide in Wellington and Miramar| Total Health Chiropractic