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Functional Nutrition in Wellington

Daddy and daughter dinner prepOur bodies need a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and unprocessed fats. However, if a breakdown occurs our bodies often need a boost in these key nutrients to enable a swift proper healing response.

The Food Today

Nowadays, the soil that our foods are grown in are depleted and there has been an unhealthy shift towards eating more processed foods and foods higher in sugar content. This has meant that we often don’t absorb enough of the essential nutrients our bodies require from our diet alone.

This is where functional nutrition plays a vital role in assisting your recovery while encouraging strong repair and proper function as a means to reduce future injury and disease.

At Total Health Chiropractic our comprehensive history and examination allow us deeper insight into the nutritional and chemical factors that are preventing you from achieving optimal health and wellness.

We use applied kinesiology in combination with the information gathered during consultation to assess areas of imbalance and dysfunction within different organs and systems of the body. Assessing the body in this way allows us to find areas of toxicity, deficiency or poor absorption.

These areas can arise due to past and present lifestyle factors such as; poor diet, stress, food intolerance and digestive problems, gut flora imbalances, drug related side effects and nutrient interactions, incorrect supplementation and chemical or heavy metal toxicity.

Once we find the root cause(s) of dysfunction, we then make recommendations on a plan of approach to correct these imbalances. This starts with specific lifestyle and dietary advice and can also include the use of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and high potency probiotics.

It is important to us that our clients are educated in prevention so they can reduce the risk of disease and dysfunction in the future. Each person’s body has its own individual dynamics which we aim to help the client better understand.

Chiropractic perfectly complements functional nutrition as our spine, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and most importantly our nervous system are directly affected by our nutritional state.

The more balanced our nutritional state, the better the body is equipped to heal and the faster the body will recover from injury and dysfunction.

The greater our nutritional balance is maintained, the better our body and brain will function, resulting in an improved ability to handle the emotional and physical stress day to day life throws at us.

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