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Legs, Feet and Gluteus Exercises


Feet Stretches and Strengthening


Plantar fascia stretch – stretching your toes and feet, while modifying the amount of stretch provided by varying the load placed on your feet from your bottom sitting on your heels. Hold this stretch for 30 -60 seconds at a time. If your knees can’t handle this position ask your practitioner for an alternative method that will work for you. Toe Strengthening – following the stretch of your plantar fascia, you can strengthen your toe flexors by using your toes to lift you upwards. If your toes are not strong enough or it is too painful to do this, you can vary the load by lifting your bottom off your heels, or by shifting your weight forwards to reduce load on the toes. Repeat the exercise until fatigued and unable to do more. 3 sets consecutively is ideal.




Ankle and Foot Extensor Stretch – the load on your ankles and feet can be varied by altering the load placed on your heels by your bottom. Hold this stretch for 30-60 seconds at a time.














































 Gluteus Maximus

Door handle Squats

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Door handle squat – ensure your buttock muscles are engaged slightly from the beginning of the exercise. Maintain strong balanced posture in your head and shoulders throughout, by keeping your head looking up and straight ahead and shoulders back with your shoulders blades pulled back and slightly downwards. Keep your toes touching the ground throughout the motion.

Door handle squat – maintain a slight forward curve in your lower back, while keeping your knees from going forward of your ankles while moving your hips backwards as though sitting on a seat. You should feel the load in your hips and bottom rather than in your knees. Emphasise the weight through your heels throughout. Repeat until fatigued, for 3 sets consecutively.














































Gluteus Medius


Start with your knees together and bent as shown. Keep your pelvis square to the ground. Engage your buttocks throughout the motion.

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Open and close your legs, spending 3 seconds on opening and 3 seconds on closing to ensure good form and adequate load in the muscles. Repeat until fatigued and complete 3 consecutive sets.

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