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Sugar Free Guide

Why eliminate sugar?

Sugar (sucrose) is composed of fructose and glucose and is made from refining sugarcane or sugar beet. Sugar is devoid of all vitamins and minerals, providing only empty calories. When we eat sugary foods (foods containing processed sugar, and even fruits high in fructose) they feed the bad bacteria in our system. We have naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in our system, when we eat sugary foods we feed these bad bacteria and they multiply causing an imbalance in our system. When we have an imbalance we often crave sugary foods which only increases the imbalance.

When we have an imbalance in our system we can feel symptoms such as fatigue, low motivation, more emotional, skin rashes and irritations, lowered immune system and more prone to getting sick, cloudy head/mind, irritability, allergies to other foods, and much more.

While the body does require glucose for energy, we can obtain this from carbohydrates found in fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Things to avoid when eating Sugar Free:

Sucrose Sugar
Glucose Evaporated cane juice
Raw organic sugar Rapadura

Other types of sugar to avoid:

Agave nectar Maltitol
Coconut sugar High fructose corn syrup
Rice syrup Honey (unless advised it is suitable for you)
Fructose Xylitol (unless sure it is not derived from corn)

Sugar Alternatives:

Birch Xylitol
Fruit (dried or juice)


Nutrition: Sugar Free Guide Wellington | Total Health Chiropractic