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Core and Lower Back Exercises


Core and Lower Back strengthening

Hold the opposite arm and leg in the air for 5-10 seconds while maintaining a straight spine a shown and then alternate sides and continue alternating until fatigued.

Core and Lower Back strengthening Exercise


Core strengthening

Plank Exercise

Side Plank

Core strengthening

Side plank Exercise

Glut. Bridges

Core, Lower Back and Gluteal strengthening

This can be done for one leg or two depending on your strength.  Raise slowly and lower yourself slowly and ensure your lower abdominal muscles are also engaged throughout the motion.

Glutes and coreGlutes and core

Lumbar Extension Stretch and Strengthening Exercises

When stretching your lumbar spine into extension you can start with a pillow beneath your chest as shown if it is too painful to extend up to a position where you are resting on your elbows are in a position where your arms are completely extended. The time frame for which you should stay in the extended position can vary from person to person so consult with our practitioner about this.

When using this exercise as a strengthening exercise for the lower back, it is crucial that you engage your buttock muscles along with your paraspinal muscles of the lower back while arching the back.  As your strength improves your arms can assist the movement less and less to the point where they are merely supporting you and not helping with raising you up at all.
Lumbar Extension Stretch and Strengthening Lumbar Extension Stretch and Strengthening Lumbar Extension Stretch and Strengthening

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